History of Auckland

The Apocalypse 2065 to 2093 AD

In 2065, meteorites knocked the Earth off its axis and caused seven years of darkness. The chaos triggered a second global war, destroying the nations. By the time the sun became visible again, the population of the Earth had been reduced from 14 billion to 75 million. In the second he nations were destroyed. Most survivors thrived during the anarchy of the Apocalyptic Years. Resources typically exceeded the demands of the surviving population, as scientists were free to pursue adaptation without regulation. In 2093, a ship called the Alliance encountered the plague at its destination and nearly every port. It remained at sea until crashing on the shores of New Zealand, bringing 165 settlers to New Zealand. Uri had developed the ishim coffee to cure the avian flu, which 35 New Zealanders had survived.

The First Century Post Liam 1 - 100 PL (2094-2193 AD)

Liam was elected leader of the Alliance before it crashed. During their early settlement, Uri began to modify the animals making the panthera using the DNA of house cats, lions and tigers to control the feral dogs. The panthera could not stop growing. Tunkukush suggested loogaroo as a solution. Liam brought the remaining New Zealanders and the Alliance together at Auckland with the Municipal Code. As part of the unification, Uri combined the native birds of island with domestic species. After some years, the original settlers knew they weren’t aging, but had become infertile. Their offspring appeared older than them. Uri had kept the secret of the ishim coffee, but the Auckians demanded that their children not be allowed to die. Seth was the first clone of Liam, created in 2144, as a potential solution. With a half-life and only a promise that he would be saved after his dna was used to create more people, Seth convinced some of the younger generation that they were all created to be the mortal servants of an undying race. Micah, Liam’s grandson and his closest friends, took Liam’s diaries to the ruins at Wellington and began to dig the underground city at the D.O.T. Seth and Micah began a race to collect and preserve technology after the day of last contact with anyone off island in 2271.