History of Auckland

The Ishim Wars 101-200 PL (2194-2294 AD)

An Ice Age had began and the land between the islands was increasingly exposed. After an assault on Auck City, Micah’s men captured the Golem, a prototype from a post apocalyptic Asian robot company. With about 1000 people concentrated in Auck City and the emergence of the first ishim, Seth ordered all but one ishim coffee plantations burned and he pretended to die a natural death before undergoing the transformation. Of the one hundred original settlers, sixty had transitioned into ishim. From the first five generations, one hundred and forty became ishim.

Many immortal settlers allowed themselves to die, but Seth lived and regained leadership in another form. He outlawed literacy to control the growing population and began a fundamentalist revolution based on his interpretation of the Torah. He imprisoned and buried one hundred ishim who objected to his plan to maintain rule. In one generation, the remaining ishim and established the coffee as a legend.

By 2252, the population of the island had increased substantially and some Auckians began to establish villages at Ponsonby, Dunedin, Rotorua and Pict City. Tunkukush, Uri, Ruth and a few other ishim, left to establish the workshop while at Micah’s request, Uri made the lamassu as an ageless defense for the Well as a parting gift for the nineteen remaining. After Ruth became the Oracle, Tunkukush left and began to wander the south island with mortals.

Initially, Seth ordered all written words destroyed and only one copy of any document preserved in the archive, but after the golem set fire to the library in 2280, except a copy of the Torah for each temple, they disabled his personality matrix and began the garbage mining to recover lost information.